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Stephen Dooley

Wine Inspiration: Turning sunlight into wine – I get to make it, and yet it makes itself – all part of the science, artistry, agriculture and magic of winemaking. Really, it is all I ever wanted to do. 

Hobbies: Drinking good wine and enjoying good food, woodworking, running, swimming and gardening.

What I Do: It would be easier to say “What I don’t do at the winery.” You name it, I do it; from winemaking to wineglass polishing…

Bertil Jean-Chronberg

Wine Inspiration:   Born in the cask and never left it; geography and history to try to know where I come from to trace my roots: Tannat and bad character

Hobbies: Talking, talking, thinking, dreaming and recreating the world every day.  Also, biking  and cooking.

What I Do: Taking care of people and inventing my world for tomorrow.

Todd Verhoeven

Wine Inspiration: The history, the science and the artistry that goes into every bottle of wine.

Hobbies: I enjoy cycling, golfing, fishing, skiing, cooking and sharing my feelings.

What I Do: I give small farmers and winemakers a voice in a market crowded with insipid factory wine.

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ARTIST LABEL: Jordan Piantedosi


Jordan Piantedosi is an interdisciplinary maximalist artist based in Boston.  She paints in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, she designs bizarre textiles for narrative-driven fashion collections created in collaboration with artist/designer/reality TV star Erin Robertson, and she writes and illustrates comics for Perfect Stars, a website she began in high school and has maintained with sporadic determination for twelve years.  Her maniacal work explores humor, glamor, and adventure, with a brazen & campy ethos inspired by underground comics, high fashion, anime, video games, drag queens, biology & particle physics, top 40 hip-hop, and late nights endlessly browsing memes, nursing an entire jar of teddy peanut butter.    



The Muse of Jordan for this Vintage

Melike means 'Queen' in Turkish.

Pronounced Meli-keh

This name makes the owner feel very special and privileged. They seem to be very well liked by most people and delightful company when they are happy. Can be headstrong. It may take some time to assist people in the pronounciation of the name.


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Every ounce is a step to the right path

Every time you open a bottle of wine from The  Black Donkey Project, you help us come closer to a cure for pediatric cancer. 


Our Wine



[vahy-uh, vee-uh]    preposition 1. by a route that touches or passes through; by way of: to cure children via good action.   


[op-tuh-mist]    noun 1. an optimistic person. 2. a person who holds the belief or the doctrine of optimism.  

Vintage 2017

Vintage 2013

Released in 2017 (Sold out)

From a vineyard that gave us it's last drops wine, "Via Ottimista" (the path of the Optimist)  it is our way to share our passion for Nebbiolo in California. After a long aging in Oak casks, this limited wine is available to you now.

(1600 bottle produced)

Concentrated, bright garnet color. Aromas of violet, rose, tea, with red fruit and lightly savory. “Via Ottimista” Nebbiolo 2013 is delicious and accessible wine. Made in an earlier-drinking style, this wine is in a softer style, showing more texture on the palate. It’s no doubt it will  please you and a broader range of your wine drinkers friends. To share this wine will provoke discussions of curiosity and passion. Drink well now with food.  

Vintners and growers throughout California reported another high quality and generous vintage in 2013. Following a warm and dry spring with near ideal conditions for bringing grapes to maturity, harvest was remarkably smooth and wineries are at capacity and working with some very high quality winegrapes.”  Source: The Wine Institute  

Todd's Machine


Stephen's Machine

Unknown Running Shoes

Bertil's Machine


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